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My Vintage Hankie and Tea Cup and Addiction

Seafoam tea cup gift setLately, I have become addicted to vintage tea cups. I love them all, but I particularly love the one with reticulated saucers and footed or pedestal bases. They just seem to go so well with millinery flowers and ladies hankies from the 40s and 50s. I have so much fun matching them up in groupings that I package to sell as gift sets. I have a box of old hankies and boxes of cups and saucers. Every once in a while I’ll pull them out and pair them up. Once I find the perfect cup nd hankie combination, then I’ll sift through piles of millinery flowers to make a matching corsage or tussie mussie in. The result is lovely – they truly were made for each other!


Bright Pink Leaves HankieNever throw away those old hankies when you find them! You can use them in so many ways – in addition to continuing to use them as an alternative to kleenex! You can stitch them together in a quilt top, add a silk ribbon and use them as a gift bag, or tuck them in a card as a special”thank you.” If you see a stain or storage mark, just soak them warm water and some oxy clean. The only types of hankies that don’t work well with this type of soak are the nylon ones that have flocked decorations on them. The cotton and linen ones do just fine and come out looking great! The hankie in this photo looks as good now as it did when it was made over 50 years ago. Anybody would be thrilled to receive it!

St. Patrick’s Day Vintage Corsages are now available in the shop!

Paper Mache Leprechaun St. Patrick's Day CorsageIt’s so much fun to “get on your green” by wearing a corsage full of vintage goodies on St. Patrick’s Day! I have collected so many different types and styles of shamrocks – and quite a few different leprechauns as well. This one has a paper mache head and is at least 60 years old. Adorable, huh?





Irish Relatives CorsageThis one has a great collection of vintage leprechauns with spun cotton heads and funny little hats. Notice that this corsage has different varieties of shamrocks, and also a pair of vintage green bells. 




Head over to the shop and check out these festive beauties – and all my corsages!

Election 2012 Patriotic Corsages

Vintage Uncle Sam Democrat Corsage - SOLDForgot to mention that political patriotic corsages are now available! I had a couple posted on my website (one Democrat and one Republican) and the Democrat one already sold – so I need to get busy and make some more. With an election coming up – lots of ladies are sporting their political affiliation by wearing one! Corsages are a lot more fun to look at than watching mean-spirited campaign ads on TV, and they’re sure to put a smile on everyone’s face!

Help Me Find Some Valentine Corsage Components

The Christmas season was a busy one for me. There really hasn’t been much of a break either because Valentine’s Day, Mardi Gras, St. Patrick’s Day, and Easter are all clumped up together this year! I love to make corsages for all types of holidays- so I am busy putting things together now.

 Be My Valentine Couple CorsageI have a difficult time finding suitable components for Valentine’s Day corsages. It is easy to find all sorts of vintage Christmas trims, and Easter stuff is pretty plentiful too. I was fortunate and found a large stash of vintage St. Patrick’s Day components last year. I even have some vintage millinery shamrocks! If you have any ideas for good vintage items to put in a Valentine’s corsage, let me know. I have a few hearts and vintage picks, but not much spun cotton. I made some myself from vintage spun cotton doll heads by adding chenille bodies, but I wonder what was originally used…


Welcome to my new Vintage Corsage blog!

Welcome to my new blog! This is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, and I hope it’s an interactive place where everyone who appreciates vintage corsages and millinery flowers can come together and talk about the things we love the most!

 Mardi Gras Butterfly Mask CorsageI have loved vintage millinery flowers for years, and became attracted to vintage hats. Though I still adore them, they take much more room than I currently have the space to provide. Additionally, I wanted to “make something” with the flowers, but hat making is beyond my skill set. I was charmed to learn of the history of corsages, and how different flowers implied a variety of messages. I also love kitschy little Christmas trinkets and trims – the type that were used in dime store holiday corsages prior to the mid-1960s. I wore them as a child and was quite proud of myself. Wearing a corsage made me feel special and that the day was an important one.

 Nostalgia and vintage beauty are combined in the corsages that I make. As I work, I can feel the pleasure each item brought when it was originally made, and I can resurrect that joy once again in a new creation.  I really feel like my corsages are “recycled good vibes.” They are made with components that were “held over” and not tossed away. Someone long ago thought they were special and each item was preserved for its beauty, sentimental value, or whimsical charm. My corsages are like little collections of happy memories, and they will make you remember yours as well. Check out my current offerings by visiting my shop.

While you’re here, check out my portfolio galleries. Feel free to comment too!

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