Vintage Christmas Corsages

Christmas is the holiday that most women are likely to actually wear a corsage, and that is when I am most busy. There is nothing quite like the Christmas holidays in our culture. It is a time when nearly everyone is in a festive mood and also attuned to the nostalgic vibes around them. Christmas is a time of reunions with loved ones. A time to set frustrations aside and gather with family and friends. It is not a mystery why so many vintage Christmas items survive – it’s becasue so many of them were made and saved as a reminder of a happy time!   These corsages were made to wear AND display in your home throughout the holiday season. They are sweet reminders of days gone by and the Christmases we remember from our past. Click on these images to see all the Christmas spirit that can go into a corsage!

photo of vintage reindeer games corsageThe “Reindeer Games” corsage incorporates a celluloid reindeer, spun cotton elves, and vintage light reflectors with wired in mercury glass beads in holiday colors that have a merry sparkle.

photo of vintage pine cone gnome corsageSome of my favorite vintage Christmas decorations are the little pine cone gnomes that my Grandmother had in her house at Christmas time. Of course, they are adorable, but I love them because they remind me of her and how exciting it was to be her grandchild at Christmastime!

photo of vintage bottle brush and snowman corsageI love to use tiny bottle brush trees in my Christmas corsages. They are very popular with my customers, and they add scale and vintage sparkle to the other components of the corsage.

photo of vintage atomic christmas corsageHere is a fun corsage that is jam packed with vintage treasures! I especially love the elf with a spun cotton head and laquered holly leaves for legs. Isn’t the vintage foil poinsettia with mercury glass beads in the center wonderful? This corsage just says “ATOMIC” to me! 

Pink Elf Princess CorsageThe most popular color for vintage Christmas isn’t red or green – it’s pink! I get lots of requests for pink corsages, but this one was very special. Note the beautiful pink elf and the gorgeous vintage pink mercury glass in this piece.

Large Aqua Christmas CorsageAnother popular color for a retro Christmas look is aqua. Here is a large aqua corsage loaded with vintage Christmas goodies!

Caroling Couple CorsageI made this Chistmas caroling couple out of vintage spun cotton heads and vintage bump chenille. I frosted the glass in the lantern behind them to give it a “chilly” look! A mercury glass bead is surrounded by a vintage foil light reflector.

Santa and Sleigh Tussie Mussie and Hankie Gift SetHere is a tussie mussie pin made to match a vintage Christmas hankie. Santa has his sled and some tiny bottle briush trees around him. These sets are so cute and very popular with my customers who purchase them for stocking stuffers and office gifts.

Pink Ice Angel CorsageAnother beautiful pink Christmas corsage, made with lots of silver and sparkle! The Dresden snowflakes add a delicate touch, but can be fragile.  This custom corsage was made primarliy to display.

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